Photo 101 Day 9 – Warmth and the quality of light

Today’s challenge was to use the sun (if you were lucky enough to have any to take some images, fortunately in Norfolk we had a beautifully sunny day and I have captured a handful of images of different things that have been influenced by the sun light.

The first images are the sun coming through the blind in my LG’s room with the reflections off of a heart mirrored ornament

The following images are the sun shining on to and reflections off of my car taken around 4.30pm this afternoon as the sun was starting to set.

Then with the sun being so bright an the sky so clear I was able to capture some lovely early images of the moon in the sky. I love these shots, as difficult as it it to explain to my LG why the Sun and Moon are both up at once 🙂

The last set are some of the shadow skyline created by shooting directly at at sun (obviously this needs to be done without looking directly at the sun, and some more of the flowers in our garden, one of primulas in the shade in the back garden and a reverse shot of the crocuses in the front garden from yesterday enjoying the sunlight of the late afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Photo 101 Day 9 – Warmth and the quality of light

  1. Thank you that is very kind of you to say so. It is something I can do at home, or when I have friends and family available to take me out and about so enjoying this challenge immensely, cannot remember the last time I said that 🙂


    1. Thank you, living in a limited environment without asking for the help of others means that challenges like this really help with the brain power. I’m having to think outside the box and and use every creative brain cell I have and that’s not many hehehe

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  2. I’ve captured a lot of great shots of the sun like that. It looks really great sometimes when it peeks through tree branches and leaves. My favorite feature of my camera is its flip-out, swiveling LCD screen which allows me to frame photos of the sun without looking at it. It also makes it easy for me to take photos from unusual angles. I’ll never buy another camera without that screen! (Mine’s a Canon PowerShot S3 IS. An oldie but a goodie.)

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