Day 233 – Positives Brief Encounters of the Station kind

Today’s positive is that I met a good friend J for lunch at Wymondham Railway Station. Recovering as she is we both hobbled in on our crutches, and apart from the spasms, shooting pains causing sudden oohs, the trains flying through scaring me and jolting my neck and the laughter hurting too it was a fantastic meet. In all seriousness it was lovely to catch up and enjoy lunch, she also saw first hand the issue that disabled people have when trying to catch a train from Norwich to Wymondham having no way of crossing the platform. We currently have a very long arduous and impossible task involving a trip to the next town along, crossing over there and then traveling back to Wymondham. Depending on train times this could result in an extra 1 hour on your journey.

Good news though, as we left the station there was a group of people including someone from Network Rail, Wymondham Town Council Councillor Jack Hornby and George Freeman MP, so perhaps this is being investigated. Hopefully they will liaise with the Wymondham and District Enabling Access Group that we hope will be fully operational by the beginning of April if this is indeed what they were doing.


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