What else should you do on a blustery typical spring rainy followed by sunny day than go to the seafront 🌊  to have chips in the car, good ol’ English weather as always, birthday treats for the boss, who says romance is dead. This was followed by fun on the 2p machines a trip to Joyland and a real test for the new wheelchair outside, inside the small arcades etc. Top marks for comfort and maneuverability around the arcades and even my wife said despite it being heavier and bigger it was smoother to push. The high back was amazing not having severe back ache.

The evening was spent with our friends A & D and A-M along with a visit from Granddad who all stayed for tea (a very tasty new takeaway in our town). Looking forward to getting a look at the Photography CD:Rom he brought me and looking at his photography magazine next we head to Ditchingham. His favourite shots of mine from the day was of these Starlings, I’ve never noticed how many colours they have in them and being behind a lens I wasn’t scared even when they were in spitting distance of me – getting braver with my phobia!

2 thoughts on “Day 234 – Positives Birthday Bonanza

  1. They were loitering for chips and do-nuts so managed to get some really good close ups, especially as I have a phobia of them. When I saw the colours I was like wow what is that, when Granddad said a common starling I was like oh! A bit disappointed really, maybe I’ll look at birds differently now with a new found beauty 🙂


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