Something everyone forgets, especially spoonies

Erika Kind

I inspired myself to this post when I had to set priorities in my currently busy life. I learned that many years ago when I found myself surrounded by too many activities. It happened step by step unnoticed until it got too much. It is related a lot to the lesson of saying No:

You love what you do. You really love it. You are proud of what you are achieving ever day. You are versatile, doing this and that. There are so many things you want to do in your life and you are not only talking about it, you are doing it. Things work out, projects succeed and grow. That is wonderful but all of a sudden the many projects can get too much and I don’t even threw life in yet. When everything grows it can be overwhelming because you are still only one person. You still have…

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5 thoughts on “Your Well-Being Matters!

  1. Some times the most simple things can be the most difficult things to do.

    The longest journeys all start with just one step, either mental or physical.

    It’s something we all need to do, and something I, myself, need to get better at.

    Of late I’ve noticed my coping mechanisms and reactions become more extreme, or less effective, however I’ve tried not to let this escalate or worry me more. The result has been more emotions that I can easily handle, but again, I’m trying not to let it push me into cyclical and downward thinking.

    It’s an evolving piece of work, but articles like this help remind me how important looking after oneself actually is.

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    1. I’m glad bro, like you I am far too hard on myself and I reposted it as it made me think and remember a few things I’d forgotten of late. Becoming too consumed with other topics and forgetting some of those things I’d worked so hard to remember. Was pleased one of my fellow bloggers shared it! This is a massive year for you too bro so relax, enjoy, let it take you along for the ride and remember we have a weekend of beer, burning and beards…….xx

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