Day 236 – Playdates & Birthdays just run and run

Today was playdate day, my LG got up grumpy for about 5 minutes until I reminded her that her friend I was coming over with her little brother J and I got to see my good friend A. The kids had a fantastic time, the house looked like an explosion in a toy factory and I got to have cuddles and even got a few smiles from the very adorable J – there’s going to be some broken hearts in years to come with his eyes. Was lovely to see you all and hope to catch up again soon.

Tonight was day 3 of my wife’s birthday celebrations (I am setting the stall high for my own birthday that is in 6 weeks so I am a toyboy for the next few weeks and I will remind her of this everyday) and with the help of my mum and our LG I made her, her favourite meal – homemade lasagne, I think it was enjoyed by all there were empty plates all around, even our LG enjoyed hers. Followed by birthday cake.

Officially exhausted now – where’s the meds………………………..


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