First Donation to Wym & District Enabling Access Group

I have been building up and trying to formulate the right way to share this blog, and have been careful with the photos that I took to hide the name of the donor, however they didn’t ask me to keep them anonymous. Part of me wants to share their name, but not knowing if it is what they wanted I have decided to err on the side of caution. Now I’ve got that waffle out the way (hey I’m not for nothing).

Yesterday I received a letter that reduced me to tears, it was from a 91 year old man who had seen the article in the Wymondham and Attleborough Mercury last week. It only had my name and the road I live on and when we got home yesterday with much intrigue there was the following envelope with only my name, road name (no number), town, and half a post code.

An anonymous envelope with minimal address details arrived
Intrigue in an envelope

The letter not only reassured me that I was doing the right thing setting up the Enabling Access Group in Wymondham, but also that there was a need for it. He also raised a couple of things that got me thinking. The first page reads;

Page 1 Wymondham & District Enabling Access first ever letter and donation
Wymondham & District Enabling Access first ever letter and donation

What I love about this, is this is a 91 year old person who feels passionate and compelled enough to write me, someone he has never met before a letter wishing us luck in a venture that is in its infancy. He also raises two points that have saddened me, firstly that he wrote to our town council in January and is awaiting a reply still – I wouldn’t hold your breath, but does this go to compound the lack of understanding and empathy there is within the town, and secondly he raises a good point about the key. Now this gentleman is talking about purchasing a RADAR Key, this is a key that opens up a number of disabled toilets that are kept lock to make sure they are not vandalised. They house some specialist equipment such as cleaning facilities for carers and other specialist items. I understand that they need to be kept locked, but when resources are tight, many of us have to fork out thousands for specialist equipment, scooters, chairs, beds adaptations and so on and so forth and now the government are cutting more money from disabled people, why should we have to pay for key just to allow us to pee? It is like the blue badge scheme that people get so worked up over you have to pay for those too. The argument I’m sure will be they are covering costs/administration fees etc yet these are things we do not want to have to have, they are a necessity as part of being disabled and being a wheelchair user, who decides which elements of medical care, and ongoing treatment should be free and yet to pee disabled people must buy a key when non-disabled people do not and how is this fair? With more car parks being privately owned you are still charged for parking with a blue badge you just get a space big enough to get in and out of, and to get wheelchairs etc in and out of.

Page 2 goes on to read;

Page 2 Wymondham & District Enabling Access first ever letter and donation
Our first donation 6 stamps to use to help with our mail.

As we see budget cuts, services such as meals on wheels have relied more and more on volunteers and previously supported services are dying out, there are fewer specials available and maybe this is something else that we can add into our constitution. I fully understand the gentleman not coming out on his scooter if it is wet, there is nothing worse than sitting in wet clothes and wet seats and I do not go out in bad weather either, it adds to the personal isolation you can feel. This letter is certainly one for framing and the stamps will be used wisely and for the purpose of the Wymondham and district enabling access group.

Thank you so much to the man who sent them, and if the sun is shining on the 31st and we see you at the meeting and you are happy for me to add your name to the public domain I will. Your donation means a great deal and helps me in those moments of “have I bitten off more than I can chew” uncertainty to know that I am doing a good thing and the right thing.


4 thoughts on “First Donation to Wym & District Enabling Access Group

  1. What a wonderful guy. At 91 years of age he can see what is lacking so much in our society. He sees a man who stands up to be counted and will not back down. His support for you with just a few postage stamps shows how much he believes in what you are doing. You obviously have touched his heart and he yours.
    There are a lot of good people out there. It must feel good to know that you are making a difference to peoples lives. Well done mate. xx


    1. Thanks mate, really did make me smile and bring a tear to my eye. To be touched like that by a stranger and to write to me. It shows that the community spirit is alive in Wymondham and that we will be able to make a real difference 🙂 Proud of him and of myself 🙂 x


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