Inspring others

I received a message on Facebook over the weekend from a friend I have met thanks to the whole debacle over parks and play areas in Wymondham. He has MS and his type of MS seems him having periods of remission and intense pain and symptoms. We have got to know one another fairly well over the last few months and having young families gives us a mutual understanding and respect for one another and the issues we face.

The message I got read – Mr Seach I hold you responsible for me starting to blog followed by this nonstoproberts I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I am starting to!



4 thoughts on “Inspring others

        1. Seems to be working now mate, although it doesn’t show me that I am so I don’t get notifications to say you’ve written a new blog :-/ would love to be able to advise you but it is still all relatively new to me too what are we like!


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