Photo 101 – Day 11 Pop & Colour

Today has been a bit tricky completing the challenge, I have had to improvise, having had a playdate / Seachy child sitting (thanks A for looking after me) followed by having help cooking my wife’s favourite meal for tea I have not been able to get out. Instead, I improvised the pop colour with the brightest toy my LG has an Orange Hedgehog made by her great Nanny, and set it against a variety of backgrounds and played with some of the lighting and editing software to enhance the effects. The results are below, this is something I will most definitely have to give some more thought to and revisit later in the week.

10 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Day 11 Pop & Colour

  1. It’s amazing what a difference light makes to the colour. Full marks to Great Nanny for the hedgehog – that fluffy yarn is not easy to knit with.

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    1. Thank you, yes you are right, think my mind wasn’t on it have some lovely crocuses in the garden that this would have worked with! Thankyou – love the broccoli by the way never considered a vegetable art before, this corse and people’s photo’s really are opening my mind!

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