All aboard the rollercoaster………………

A few images I have seen over recent weeks that have either struck a chord with me, inspired me or made me think differently about a particular issue or struggle. I hope one or more help you too

4 thoughts on “All aboard the rollercoaster………………

  1. All pertinent to everybody, whatever their state of health, mind, etc. I particularly like the Roald Dahl comment – he is absolutely right, our faces do mirror the inner person.

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    1. Yes very much so, I used to read things like this and think they are only for me and that they didn’t apply to ‘normal’ everyday folk. Fortunately my course at the pain management clinic helped make me realise my emotions and hurdles are not unique to me or my disability but apply to everyone’s life in general. Cannot believe how far I fell as quickly as I did with my mental wellbeing. Glad the roller-coaster 🎢 is currently going up again xx


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