Day 237 – Positives – Dog Walker Good Deeds

I woke up this morning to glorious sunshine, a quick check of the weather forecast told me it is that last I am likely to see until after the easter weekend, and with no way to make it to yoga my dad put my mobility scooter together so I could go for a bit of a cruise. It was the first time I have been out on my own in a long time, I was strangely nervous yet invigorated as I happily cruised along at about 3mph. I took my camera for today’s photography challenge and also for some photos to highlight issues that disabled people face. I visited the Abbey, took a cruise down to the River Tiffey and along the pathway as far as I could get, I knew if I edged forward there was a lovely photo opportunity so I thought I’d take the chance.

In no time I was wheel spinning through mud, some kind dog walkers pushed me and my scooter (no mean feat) through the mud to where I could more grip and the pavement again. Luckily there was also a broken piece of wood at the exit otherwise I would have been stuck with nowhere to go. Unfortunately it means the Duck Race will be a no go zone for us on Monday like last year, meaning once again my LG is missing out. One of the first things I feel the Wymondham & District Enabling access group needs to sort as it it beautiful down there, so quiet and serene, hearing the birds tweeting, seeing the views and the river. A definitive pathway all the way through is a must from Damgate street to Church/Vicar street bridge. I mean who wouldn’t want to see these views!





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