Looking forward to coffee with a councillor

Recently I attended a Leisure and Events Sub Committee council meeting and spoke briefly about what I hope to achieve with setting up the Wymondham and District Enabling Access Group, I hope to work with local groups, businesses, councils and district councils along with other charities and to be able to apply for grants and funding to ensure more and more of what Wymondham has to offer both locals and tourists alike is available to all.

I hope that not only parks, but beautiful walkways that show off views of the Abbey such as this are accessible to all and if by setting up this group and applying for funds to help contribute towards costs in some small way I am happy to do so.I mean who cannot be inspired by a view such as this

DSC_4658 (2)

At the meeting I offered the Councillors the opportunity to accompany me one day in my spare wheelchair to visit the town for a cuppa and a trip around to various shops to highlight where things are working well and some of the issues wheelchair users have. Councillor Sharon Wyer very promptly volunteered to join me, and we hope the weather will be convenient to do this over the next couple of weeks, although the forthcoming showers are somewhat scuppering our plans.

I am hoping that once she has been out with me she will write a short paragraph regarding her experience and will be happy for me to share this with you all on here. Watch this space. I know my pain and this combined with some of the side effects of my medication can at times make me come across as a grumpy, miserable, moaning man and even some blogs on here no doubt compound this theory but pre accident Seachy really was so happy go lucky that he spent much of his life so laid back he was horizontal, post accident Seachy is now forced to spend so much time horizontal that he gets frustrated and angry because the choice has been removed from him. I really do hope that I will be able to work with a variety of Charities and the local councils to make our own part of Norfolk more special and unique for all of us to be able to enjoy.

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