Photo 101 – Day 12 Architecture & Monochrome

Wow, this morning has been glorious vibrant sunshine, so I got my carers to put my mobility scooter together and armed with my camera off I went to take some photos for today’s challenge. 75minutes later I returned home having loved the sunshine, thoroughly enjoyed taking a number of snaps that feed into the last few weeks of the photography we have done, and hopefully giving the fact that rain is forecast for the next 6 days meaning I am unlikely to get out for the next few challenges hopefully some of today’s snaps can be used for them. I was surprised to say the least the number of photos that I had taken upon my return 139 (true some had been the same shot in colour and black and white), I was surprised I’d taken so many, I was also pleased with the new way I looked at simple things, thought about the lighting and shading of images and also how guilty I felt on the first day of spring in glorious sunshine photographing in black and white. Anyway here’s some of my favourites from today, along with a sneaky colour one where I have to say it is so much more powerful an image than the B&W one.

15 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Day 12 Architecture & Monochrome

  1. Thank you, your feedback really does mean a lot, I know I have a lot to learn still but you can only learn by making mistakes and helpful tips, experimenting and sharing for further commenting.


        1. I have never looked at it like that before, but now that you’ve said that you know what you aren’t wrong there! Thank you, you have not only opened my eyes but made me smile too! 😀

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            1. Yes, I’ve just been looking at some of your images and I see what you mean, I loved the architecture photos in black and white, they spoke to me more than any of the others I’ve taken so far. When I started I thought it would be the least appealing element to me. Funny how it works out. I’m fairly new to photography and I can say it’s the first time I’ve found something that being in my wheelchair is an advantage 😀

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    1. Thankyou, I don’t often use it, but have really enjoyed some of the shots I captured today, surprised myself. Still with the beautiful clear blue skies we’ve had I kind of feel a bit cheated hahaha

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