Day 238 – Positives – Thanks party people

Today has been one of those rest days that in no way shape or form included rest. Nonetheless it was enjoyable, and the new wheelchair really was comfortable and at no point did the boss nearly tip me out as we went over some of the slight humps and bumps that people encounter everyday. We met Granddad for lunch and visited Ed’s Easy Diner in Chapelfield – oh my the meals were mahoosive and we were all suitably stuffed to bursting when we left.

We finally joined the 21st century and have replaced our (well I should say mine – as it pre dates me and the boss, in fact it pre dates the millenium bug) DVD machine. It is now a blue ray / DVD player with HDMi cable connector instead of our good friend the scart lead. It comes to something when someone 70+ is advising you on the best makes too as you do not have a clue!

Then we visited Richard Nash Cars, I do not like naming companies in my blog unless they deserve it, they certainly do! We have now purchased our second car from them, the boss has downsized and happily has the little Fart 500 – It looks like something my car popped hahaha. She took it for a test drive, enjoyed it, now to sort insurance and get a price for ours!

The day finished with a birthday party that our LG had been invited to at a trampoline place High Altitude. The children and adults all had an amazing time – I would also like to say thank you the half dozen dads/granddads at the party who helped get me and my wheelchair up about 10 steps so I could sit with everyone during the party food and cake. I know I appreciated it, and it is never easy knowing how you can help someone. Skirting round the issue and asking but not asking and so on, but you all were superb though. You asked directly how you could help and believe me this is the best way, being in my chair is all to often treated as an elephant in the room that everyone sees but no one mentions, however you could see there was an issue and worked to resolve it as best you could. You did what I asked without making a big scene and you made me laugh whilst I was being helped, not an easy thing to do when you are dealing with someone as stubborn as me. I do not know all your names so do not want to unfairly name some and not the others, suffice to say I am saying a huge thank you to you all this evening though.

All in all a great day! Thanks everyone for your help throughout.

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