Photo 101 – Day 13 Moment & Motion

Today I have two photos from the day out we have, the first was taken in Ed’s Easy Diner (plenty of space to maneuver my wheelchair here so pleased with our first time visit, we shall return) where we stopped for a spot of lunch, it was taken on my camera phone so not the best quality however it captures our waitress as she walks off to the kitchen with our order, I like the glare from the lights and the image as the floor draws you in to the moment.

Our waitress at Ed's Easy Diner walking off with our order to the kitchen
Edding off

The second image is of my LG at a birthday party that she went to yesterday evening, it was at a trampoline venue so access for me wasn’t great, this image was taken with a full zoom across a large warehouse building, it captures my LG in mid flight having bounced off a giant trampoline spread eagled heading to wards a huge foam/air crash mat. I love the blurred image of her as she flies through the air.

A blurred image of my LG mid air about to land on a giant crash mat.

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