This is something I have played around with in the past, primarily when I have found discarded toys on beaches or when out and about, the first image is of a dinosaur we found whilst on Woolacombe beach in Devon and the second of Batman doing some rock climbing at Brancaster both taken in 2015.

Next is one of my LG’s favourite cuddly toys, this is Bunny, dwarfing her for size at the Milky Way last year, it was almost the last picture taken (I took my meds not long after taking this shot and left him behind I think, although until now I’ve blamed my wife hehehe – fortunately he was recovered the next day safe, sound and unscathed after his adventure.

SAM_3980 (2)
Big Bunny

The next image is of two of the best people in my life, my parents who do so much for me, from caring for me when my wife is at work, to looking after my LG and generally being the best parents in the world, I hope my children think the same of me as they grow up. Here they are messing about in Sherwood Forest in 2014 making a giant chair look big and small at the same time (love you two).

My parents making a giant chair look big and small all at once
Game of groans………..

The next image is as a Star Wars fan my re-enactment of R2D2 on the moon of Endor, here he is hiding from the Ewoks (two black terrier dog ornaments), and I bet you never knew that the Endor Shield Generator Bunker was a huge Orange and Pink house in the original concept stage did you! Taken today from my chair in my back garden – I am such a big kid – or should that be big geek?

R2D2 hiding in the jungle of Endor from Emoks in my Back Garden today
R2 End-Or Not

Finally the last images were pure luck, and prove that no matter how many times you can try and stage a shot or capture that perfect image sometimes you just have to be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. I took this image sat in my wheelchair yesterday at the Trampoline party although I couldn’t get up the stairs to the viewing gallery I got to take images in the direct line of the base of the trampolines, this was one of those moments where in this instance the boys Uncle came bouncing by as the boy fell to the base of his trampoline. I would not like to be the little boy about to be squashed by this gigantic tattooed leg!

Giant foot about to squash boy ay birthday party
Look Out
Giant foot about to squash boy ay birthday party
Look Out

10 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Day 14 Scale and Observation

  1. Haha, yes when I say I have never seen it I get looks like I have never read a literary masterpiece, it baffles me and the adverts for the new series do not inspire me to take it up and give it a try either!


  2. Good photos. I especially like the one with the little house against the real-life fence in the back and the little robot in the front with tiny grass looking so big against it. Great comparison capture. Yaz:)


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