Day 240 – Positives

Today was my father-in-laws 65th birthday, the big retirement one, well for some, unfortunately not for him farming is in his blood and I wonder if we will ever get him to give it up. Still today we went over, cooked him lunch and had a fun afternoon. The pain as is always the case suffers and so the boss drove the Kuga home, for some reason she panics when driving the Automatic however today was a lovely drive home, I even got to take some snaps of the landscape that I do not normally get to enjoy (only on my phone but still some good ones) and I think she is finally getting used to driving it. I am a total convert the best thing I ever did was switching from a manual to an automatic car, just got to get my pain and meds under control so I can get back behind the wheel on my own. Being a passenger today really was lovely heading over to the in-laws it is all farming country and beautiful in its own way. Also got to practice with my action shot setting trying to capture Harry the Jack Russell, pretty pleased with the results.

I have also just noticed that I went through 12,000 hits today 🙂

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