I always find that we never really appreciate the beautiful landscape we live near, I think because we see it so regularly we take it for granted. I always find when I go on holiday my photos are peppered with the beautiful scenery all around for example these shots taken in Devon last summer

The reality is though, if we all slowed down a little we would see just how beautiful all around us really is, as these photos all taken in my home county of Norfolk show

13 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Day 15 Landscaping and cropping

  1. Thank you, I like your thinking, I can document where I can and can’t get to, etc how to set up the shots you want. Maybe you are right not delusions – do you know I really love this community, as far as I have encountered nobody is on here belittling others, judging them or even making them feel bad for what they can/can’t do. I’ve never been made to feel like I can not achieve or do anything and have always been encouraged. Even criticism has been constructive rather than dismissive. My favourite media site!

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    1. Yes, hadn’t really appreciated it until I found myself, a) in wheelchair or mobility scooter so going places much less and much slower and b) until I started this course. Any photographers are always welcome I can recommend some B&B’s šŸ™‚

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        1. I’d love to run a group event that would include places that disabled photographers could visit too! If we could all do one event we could see the world……..ok maybe my evening opiates are giving me delusions of grandeur šŸ˜€

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  2. It’s true we get very used to our surroundings and tend to look for beauty elsewhere. It takes a little absence from it to realize what beauty is. Your photos are gorgeous.


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