This for me has been a difficult one, I treasure most my family and friends but with my blog being public and both my wife and I having worked in safeguarding for a number of years we will not post images in the public domain without specific permission. I am therefore not able to post some of the images I really wanted to. Instead there are a collection of images of some of the other treasures in my life. First and foremost it has to be my love of Star Wars, so nearly born on Star Wars Day and a young boy growing up the original series will always be in my heart. My LG already loves RotJ and in her early years I used Top Trumps to teach her the characters. She knew who Salacious Crumb was before any of the traditional Disney characters. Between my eldest who’s birthday it is today and her most of my treasured possessions have been opened, played with, sold or worse still broken. There is however one item I have not and will not part with the most famous and best spaceship in all the world, the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy and able to do the Kessel Run in less than 12 Parsecs

This course has ignited a passion in me in photography that I did not know I had, I look at the clouds now and wish I had a camera with me all the time that did the beauty of them justice, but having posted some yesterday I decided the only others I should post from today’s theme was my new found beauty of flowers and plants. Many photo101 posts ago I took a photo from my prison and spoke about a tree that is beautiful when it is in full bloom (even though it is only for about 2-3 weeks tops), It has lovely green leaves for a large part of the year but the blossom is beautiful, I never started noticing nature until my disability made me appreciate the world around. I took the following images of the tree that really show how a different view close up changes the picture.

A wide angle and close up image of some flowers my wife received from a good friend last week

The last images (with the exception of my wife) are our my greatest treasures, they are of our children our LG behind her Easter Bunny Mask and our son who although an adult will still always be our little boy!

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