I am regularly out and about in my wheelchair and/or mobility scooter and I seem to don an invisibility cloak, I said excuse me in my quiet, shy, retiring booming voice 6 times in one shop last week just to get the proprietor to take a step to the right to give me room to pass. This happens regularly.  I regularly have to swerve out the way (I swear people do not get that I do not have brakes on the scooter and that the brakes on my wheelchair do not make you come to an instant stop). Then you get others who do not want to speak to you for fear of catching whatever it is you have. I became increasingly fed up with this so I asked my Nanny Grant to make me a beanie hat with her left over wool. The only stipulation was that it needed to be bright enough to no longer be invisible. Nanny Grant did not disappoint and I cannot wait for my next trip to the coast or the forest, or even into town on a day like today. #neilandhisamazingtechnicolourbeaniehat

Nanny Grants Beanie – No more invisibility cloak for me

2 thoughts on “Removing My Invisibility – #neilandhisamazingtechnicolourbeaniehat

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