Day 243 – Positives

Today has been one of those days, I feel I achieved nothing, I have finished nothing, and I am incredibly nervous about the upcoming meeting setting up the Wymondham & District Enabling Access Group, I am an ideas person, I used to be well organised, great at planning and have chaired more meetings than I can remember, including creating agendas, distributing them, taking and sharing minutes and all this in my sleep. This evening however I have been stressing and pulling my hair out trying to put together even a simple agenda. Setting up the group will be such an undertaking and realising that the two we are trying to emulate have been in existence since the 1980’s I am certain there is a need for it, however it will be a long process. I hope the powers that be realise this.

If I really do look hard for a positive I guess it came in the post today and that was a letter from the Town Clerk saying that the council have approved for me to talk at the next council meeting about the group and what we hope to achieve and help with.

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