Photo 101 – Day 17 Glass

Today the task was experimenting with glass, taking images through, or of them, I wanted to try some new things so I came up with a number of images today. Firstly some images using the glasses as extensions to my lens and some of my rapidly becoming favourite cloud shots

These images worked better looking away from the direct sunlight at the blue skies, direct into the sunlight made the images far more stormy and dark.

Then for fun I took a couple of images of our “posh” glass cupboard with the special drinking glasses, the ones that now never get used as neither my wife nor I drink a great deal, I cannot remember the last lovely whiskey I had – tell a lie I do my good friend and neighbour Craig passed one over the fence to me last summer to enjoy just as I was going into the hot tub

Then I found a glass that reminded me of times gone by, when Jack was a good friend, he joined me on many an adventure and although I have matured as does he, my adventures these days are different, but nonetheless I felt should meet Jack

There were a number of other images and experiments that did not come out quite as I had hoped, this was tough and tested me today, I’m not used to trying different things or experimenting, especially when taking the number of shots needed to get the ones I have included, not good for a spoonie, pain spiked, got some good shots but not enough for the pain it took!

4 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Day 17 Glass

    1. Yes they were my favourites too, the glass was a gift from a good friend who emigrated to Australia, when I was best man for him he gave me those and a credit card shape metal bottle opener the glasses have toasted many a special moment and the bottle opener is now in its 5th wallet and I wouldn’t be without it!

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