Today the boss picked up her new car a Fiat 500, it looks like the offspring of my car and our neighbour’s car, but she likes it, it is economical and ideal as a little commuter car so happy days. Now I’ve just got to figure out the blue tooth set up and she may actually answer her mobile some times!

Better than this though was we took our LG to the Wymondham Heritage Museum for an easter chick/egg hunt she loved the dungeon, the old displays, my wife learnt about the booming brush trade in Wymondham, I reminisced about watching the Briton Brush Co chiminey stack being blown up and we had a lovely time. It is well worth the entry fee and poke around, there is a disabled parking bay around the back of the musuem and it is all accessible except the dungeon, there was even a model of the Market Cross found in the Abbey that has been used for people with vision impairments to feel and get an idea of the unique design of this building. Full Marks for these touches from this new campaigner!

Then we headed over to the nearby park for some fun in the sun, I have to say not particularly noisy even on a day like today 🙂

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