I like Wednesdays as my wife is at home so if the weather is good we get to take our LG out to different places. Today we decided to visit the heritage museum in our home town and to tell her about the Kett Rebellion and the Great Fire of Wymondham she is only 3 we know but still some important people have stood up in the past, and we used it to help explain why people sometimes have to take on the powers that be. Admittedly it didn’t end well for the Kett Brothers but hopefully there will be better news from me. I also try and tie in some photos taken from the day with the challenge, it hasn’t been the easiest as the strong edges and lines are a little less impressive than some of the post I have been seeing. I am however particularly pleased with this image of the impressive door to a holding cell and prison, the thickness of the door, the huge lock and knocker and the strong lines, along with the wear that comes with a door over centuries old;

A door to a holding cell in the old police station which is now a musuem in my hometown
Behind Closed Doors

I also took an image using the panoramic function for about the third or fourth time ever, trying to capture some of the beauty of the front of the museum, the large windows etc, all of which is hiding the dark dank dungeons beneath (unfortunately couldn’t get in them in my wheelchair but hope you love the image). I then took a normal image showing the lines of the path and the power in the door, and an image of an old clocking in machine that still to this day works and I used (first time ever I think)

For some lovely images of temple ruins showing some strong edges, I went back to my Honeymoon photos from Christmas 2007 from some of the Temples in the north, the Mahaweli River that runs through Kandy (this image was taken from our Hotel Balcony and a sunset on a peninsula between the Gin Oya River and the Laccadive Sea, all in Sri Lanka.

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