Day 246 – Positives – Wheeling in my grooves

Today I had the pleasure of the company of Councillor Sharon Wyers for a trip into Wymondham Town, she volunteered to join me in my spare wheelchair and experience a glimpse of life as I do when I venture out. We visited a local play area so she could experience the differences that hard and soft surfaces such as tarmac, soft play equipment tarmac and grass have on your ability to propel yourself, and we took an enlightening trip to the council offices. We had a great time talking about the positive aspects of life in Wymondham and how the businesses and organisations who are getting things right should be told and celebrated, and those not doing so well shouldn’t be vilified but educated. I will blog about this in greater detail next week once Cllr Wyers has shared some of her thoughts and feelings with me. I will however say that this was a very worthwhile exercise, that we both enjoyed the opportunity to talk and get to know one another and that she found the experience very informative. A special mention must go to my mum and dad who joined us and acted as our carers as we struggled with some of the slopes and issues you have to contend with, helped me when I got muddled and will no doubt remind of the conversations I have forgot. Only wish I hadn’t fallen out of the car returning home knees first into our shingle drive – could have been worse I guess, could have faceplanted into the rose bush!

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