Photo 101 – Day 19 Double and Rotation

Today I spent my morning setting up a community action group to promote accessibility to my town, so I thought it fitting that today I took some photos of Doubles that are lifelines to me and my disability. The first images are of the medicine pots that come everywhere with me, they are filled at the start of the day under the watchful eye of my wife and marked so I know what to take when. The meds themselves are kept in a looked tin and with these pots you never can be too careful when you have children around you. There is 2 as I always have two doses to take whilst her and/or my son are out of the house at work. The photos’ themselves are not that exciting but for once today it is more about the story behind them, and without which I would not have been able to capture some of my other images on this course;

Next come my means of getting around the house, to my car, to do my physical therapy short walking exercises each day, to get to my hydrotherapy pool and to transfer into my wheelchairs and mobility scooters. The ergonomic handles are a massive help, even still I have some gel padded gloves to help when using them.

Finally I don’t know about seeing double but along with my access to the outside world via social media, laptops and smart phone without these the days and nights would be incredibly long and very boring. There’s the TV, Talk Talk Box, DVD, Smart TV Remote and most importantly of all the remote to my rise and recline bed chair, which if nothing else on those real immobile days helps me get up, stretch, to the toilet and to change positions regularly.

SAM_0252 (2)


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