Baldness is not a bad thing

Thanks to the likes of society, Wayne Rooney and Shane Warne we have been encouraged to believe that losing our hair is a bad thing, I have been receding for well over a decade now and I haven’t even hit 40, at the beginning I did the thing most of us do, I grew long, and when I say long I mean LONG hair, hiding the fact that my hair was disappearing at the sides by growing it and hiding under the extra long hair from the top of my head. 11203726_10155529534755156_7576139659767079433_n.jpg

I have watched the TV and I have seen the adverts in the many, many waiting room’s magazines stack that I thumb through at the various appointments which talk about hair loss as some illness that we should be ashamed of. Now I am not talking here of alopecia or hair loss with some medical treatments, nor hair loss for women as I can genuinely understand the psychological impact of that. What I am talking about is general hair loss in men as we grow old, some seem to go grey others seem to go bald. So when I see a blog and a study like this I love it and I share it.

Bald men are sexier, more masculine, scientific study finds

Now I am not for one second saying people should not have treatments if it is their wish/desire to do so, but lets not have celebrities and adverts selling it as a condition that we should be scared of, that it is a confidence loss and we should have it before we suffer psychological effects, leave it as a choice thing let people know its available but lets not push general baldness as a bad thing, after all in my wheelchair with this thing keeping my bald head warm, or as the Easter bunny who wouldn’t find me sexy and masculine 🙂

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