Photo 101 – It’s a wrap

For our final assignment wrapping up the Photo 101 course that I have loved so much we were given the choices below, I found that I loved the Architecture and landscape shots, but then thinking about it I realise that actually I loved the themes when I had taken the shots outside, probably because I hate the fact that I cannot just get up and go out now whenever I feel like it, I either need a friend or carer with me, or to put my scooter together first or I need to dodge the rain, and so on. I will over the coming weeks revisit the course themes and this final wrap topic and ensure that I do take things forward. In the meantime please enjoy my wrap up of my favourite photo’s (ok I may have been a bit cheeky and snuck 11 in)!

  • Browse your collection of shots from the course, select up to ten favorites, and publish a wrap-up post with a gallery.
  • Look through your shots to see which themes and tips you enjoyed the most. Did you take a lot of establishing shots? Close ups? Abstract images? Great color shots? Compile your favorites in a post.
  • Pick one element we covered during the course, then head out with your camera to practice: composition, light, movement, color, or something else of your choosing.
  • Revisit the themes. Are there any themes you’d like to try again? What would you do differently? What have you learned?

It was really tough choosing 10 (cough 11) and looking back at them I want to carry on and have more themes and tips so if you wish to give me tips or themes I will try and collate them so that I pick them and have a theme a week for as long as followers supply themes! Please comment below if you have a tip or a theme for me to explore

3 thoughts on “Photo 101 – It’s a wrap

    1. Thank you, I have a lot to learn and have so much more to learn. I am however pleased with the results I am able to get with the camera I am able to use. Just need this weather to improve now. 😜

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