Day 252 – Positives First Tweet asking for help

Wow, what a day it has all been mentally, crazy and mostly in a good way, I must blog the latest steps in the park saga which include a letter from my local Town Councils solicitors threatening me with breaches of codes etc I know nothing of. Nothing like bringing in the big boys to bully you into submission.

However my spirits today cannot be dampened for two reasons, firstly because I got to attend the Dereham Access Group’s meeting this afternoon, another lovely, welcoming group much more on a par with the Wymondham group and the funding we may or may not have access too but full of ideas, contacts and document sharing and long can this relationship between them and the newly formed Wymondham Access group flourish.

Even more exciting than this was getting a request this evening from an organisation asking for us to help advise them on an upgrade to their disabled toilet. I was totally buzzing having received the email as it is exactly what we hope to do, we hope that organisations will approach the group before spending money and potentially making expensive changes that are unnecessary or making changes only to have to correct them again costing more money. We are still not even officially 10 days old and the community are contacting us. So proud of those who are already volunteering time, skills, support and to the community embracing us, our concept and for caring about disability rights when so many people fail to do so.

The last thing tonight happened this evening, my LG game in from the Garden singing I am the Walrus and I laughed, at first she thought I was laughing at her and got upset, I explained I was laughing because mum brought me up on the Beatles and now I am doing the same and it sparked happy childhood memories. Love you mum xxx

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