More thought provoking, understanding honest descriptions of life with Chronic Pain. That feeling of but I used to do this or Pre Accident Seachy as I call him all too often is my downfall. We all try to survive each day as it comes. This week has been 4 drink spills, all over me and two all nighters due to the pain!

A Scottish Journey with Chronic pain

Nope, I’m really not. I have no powers. Certainly no Superhuman strength or speed or even able to fly (although wouldn’t that be fantastic!) so therefore I am not Superwoman. *sad face*.
But yet, it seems I’m determined to be a version of her.

I need to remember I am not capable of achieving everything I set out to do in a day. Yes, I once did, but not now. I can’t clean the whole house in a morning, go shopping, do the washing, and everything else in between. So why the hell do I keep doing it to myself. Why do I keep thinking I can?

That’s the problem. I did. I used to. And that’s what sticks with me. I used to be able to carry 3 shopping bags at once, without even thinking about it. Now I can’t, I can barely carry one. But I used to…

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