Every year I produce photobooks from the images we have captured over the past year. I use a company that produce excellent quality hardback 120 page books. If you catch their promotions right you can get these for £39.00 instead of £100 and they can hold hundreds of photos, they are time consuming to produce but a beautiful reminder of the past year. Especially with my pain as I forget so many things, even a day out looking back there is so much of it I have missed in a pain brain fog daze, even when I am behind the camera. The only downside is you usually get about 20 days from the email to produce the book, this means real focus and help and support from the family is needed. To complete 2015 I need to do September-December and I have just been going through a visit to a local zoo. Now we all have concerns over zoos and animals in their natural habitat and so on but our local zoos raise money to help preserve animals in this way, and for a disabled person like myself safaris are not much of an option, much as I would love to for some photography. I have however found from that visit of some photos I captured. I hope you like them.

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