Mutiny in a Mid-Norfolk town

This is a brilliantly worded piece that fits in some of the puzzles of my own Park Saga that I have been writing and promising to update you all on. This gives another persons views and highlights other issues that are concerning my fellow residents of Wymondham. I am proud to be named in this article and proud of the people who are becoming the new 21st century Wymondham Rebels. Looking forward to the next installment.

A Word in Your Ear


Back in February this year, it came to light that my local Town Council was planning to squander £60,000 on moving play equipment from a centrally located park to an unsuitable site, just 15 months after spending £75,000 to install it. They said it was because of anti-social behaviour and noise complaints from the houses near the play area.

Council meetings here are usually attended by 5-10 people. This meeting attracted over 100, such was the disgust and strength of feeling about the proposal. Many got up to speak, in the ‘allotted’ time of a mere 15 minutes (which in effect stretched to almost an hour), being the time limit this council gives members of the public.

Not only were people unhappy about the waste of money, THEIR taxpayers money, but there were other considerations too. Wheelchair user Neil Seach said moving the play area would render him unable to take…

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