We decided to make the most of the sunny weather today and head to Fairhaven Bird and nature reserve I was able to get a few good images of the the birds on feeders and some lovely ones of the amazing scenery they have there. I must also give them full marks for being accessible to disabled people. They have lovely toilets, ramps in and out of the shop and cafe (a tight squeeze on my little one but there’s an alternative entrance if on a bigger scooter, and the people in the shop opened up all the doors to allow me through and were very helpful and understanding. They are also raising funds for a mobility scooter for visitors. I took my own and there were a few too many times of that sinking feeling in the mud ( bit too early in the year) luckily I had good friends to push me out, the surface was also far too bumpy for my backs liking (much better/softer suspension needed) and by the end of the day I was ready to leave. This said I had lots of fun, got some great snaps and when we went back to our friends for tea and cake I was left in peace to have a pain induced nap. I am lucky to have such understanding friends.

3 thoughts on “Day 255 – Positives -Pain Crash with friends

    1. Thank you, there were some Grebes doing their flirtation dance but my mobility scooter couldn’t get me close enough to the waters edge for my limited weight zoom lens to capture them, but loved the others.


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