Day 256 – Positives Minutes Written

I do not know why they call them minutes, perhaps one of my followers will be able to share that snippet with me but they certainly didn’t take minutes to write. They have taken over 20 hours, not that I am grumbling because the initial meeting of the Wymondham access group needed someone to get the ball rolling, having attended the meeting at Norwich and Dereham and observed how informed, supported and inspirational they are, and encountered some of the resistance in sentences such as “what is a reasonable adjustment” and “we live in an old historic town, so many of your needs may not be able to be met” and perhaps the worst of all “you are the only one who has made an official complaint, so must be the only one that concerned” inferring that for one person are the adjustments financially viable? I know one person needed to start the ball rolling

The minutes are written, I have contacted a number of people and I am looking forward to the 26th April, but more importantly than all that for my own health and wellbeing I also hope a secretary comes forward, as I’m not sure I can put myself through all this again, even knowing how important they are. Well that’s unless I can get some software that allows me to speak not type amongst other things.

7 thoughts on “Day 256 – Positives Minutes Written

  1. My father-in-law, Eric Ray, who is a mobile scooter driver, 91 years of age and lives with us, attended your first meeting of the Wymondham Access Group and is keen to come again. He knows about the meeting on the 26th at 10am at Town Green Centre but for future ease could he have a contact number for you? He is not computer litterate. You very kindly phoned here and left a message with my daughter but it got lost.. I assume you will receive my email address with this comment.

    Sofia Ray


  2. A quick look at Google suggests the jury is out on why ‘minutes’ – it could be from the Latin root meaning something small, because they were originally written in shorthand, or because they are a minute by minute account etc. Good luck in your hunt for a secretary – or perhaps you could record them on a device and get someone who is willing to type them up later?

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