Project Bathroom Week 1

Since my back has been worse I have struggled to do so many more things independently and people who know me call me stubborn and pig headed when they are being polite (although I don’t see it myself) so those closest to me know how difficult it is to accept help. Losing my job at the beginning of this year I thought was going to be the end for me but I now have a couple of community projects that keep me occupied and I am slowly swallowing my pride and adjusting our home more and more. It is a bitter pill to swallow and I am not sure how comfortable I am with all of it but that’s my issues and I have to get over them, however it is incredibly difficult and upsetting. It is made worse when all the financial planning I have done over the years, ever since I started work and all the saving we have done as a family is now being spent on me. I was working out the other day in one of those moments when I have too much time on my hands to think, and not enough spoons to move that the last year has cost me more in mobility aids and adjustments than I have contributed to the running costs. This sits really uncomfortably with me but apparently I just have to accept it, and get on with it! Far easier said than done. I do not think my mind will ever accept diverting family funds to being spent on things specific for my needs and not for those fun things that our children deserve, and unfortunately there is next to no help or support available because my wife and I have both worked for as long as possible, paid for income protection and so on and so forth as we have always been cautious to live well with our means and as a result the savings and money meant to be available for my wife to reduce her hours to care for me and pay off our mortgage allowing her to retire early and this is not going to happen.

This weeks big task has been preparing my house so it has a fully accessible wheel chair friendly wet room, the builders I have to say have been fantastic, caring and understanding of my needs as a disabled person, I explained on day one I cannot lift a full kettle but that they were welcome to make themselves a cuppa and every time they do they make me a fresh one too. They have been fun to have around, have always left the house as much is possible clean and tidy and with a working loo overnight and have listened to our needs. I cannot speak highly enough for their work thus far (they are all sub-contractors for Clark Build, Martyn the owner is a friendly chap and he certainly has the right people working for him. I said to Sean before the weekend (below in yellow jacket) I will miss coffee break conversations when they are gone, below are a few pictures of the bathroom we had and the work that has been done during the week;

Starting with the before:

and now the during……….

as the week progressed and ended…..

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