Equality Act 2010. Sensory Trust

I was researching some information on what is a Hoggin Path as a new housing estate is being built and there is a hoggin path planned near a lake, according to their accessibility guide this is a big no, no as they are not good in Wet areas, however whilst reading about Discrimination under the Equality Act I saw that It is important to understand the various forms of discrimination, one such form was Discrimination by association it said;

Discrimination by association: for example if a carer is unable to visit a site because the person s/he cares for cannot access it.

Recognising discrimination by association is close to our hearts and particularly relevant to the design of public open space. It means that service providers should be aware that if a family group finds it impossible to access a place because one member of the family is disabled, any member of that group may justifiably feel discriminated against. This could well increase the likelihood of legal action compared with the previous Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

So when I reply to the Council’s solicitors and explain that the discrimination I face as a parent and my whole family face by not being able to visit the play areas together and therefore all in addition to my Direct Discrimination face discrimination by association I wonder how they will feel – 4 cases in one household, not so much on my own now!

The Equality Act 2010 combines much of the discrimination legislation including the Disability Discrimination Act, here we give an update of the main changes.

Source: Equality Act 2010. Sensory Trust

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