Saturday night viewing………..Carpet Calling

……………it has been said that Saturday night TV has been waning for years, I can however tell you that last nights viewing was very good. For me I am more regularly falling now, so I can tell a little better when the numbness is coming, it’s like the scene in terminator 2 when the terminator is snapping his legs trying to walk having just been frozen and in a kind of slow motion movement down he goes. Well for me if I am lucky I can tell the feeling is coming and by use of my sticks or a nearby seat I can 75% of the time fall into a chair.

Last night however was one of those moments when as I was leaving the bathroom the pain was coming, I shouted to my wife in time for her and my LG to appear as I landed unceremoniously in my hallway, now being a big bloke and living in a bungalow has issues, especially as the process of making it wheelchair friendly is expensive and takes time for the works to be completed. So Saturday night my view started off as the carpet (my LG kindly gave me a cuddly dog to keep me company) and then became this;

A worms eye view of the new bathroom door and the ceiling, it took a good while to get me rolled over and supported with cushions before after 20-30 minutes I got helped up and back to my chair. Usually I come through these falls relatively unscathed however last nights was different. Fortunately my LG kept me entertained by acting out the people on BGT juggling, ballet and so on, certainly kept my spirits up.

I have been in intense pain to the point of feeling nauseous regularly throughout the day. The spasms have been uncontrollable and my body to touch even clothes has been horrible. My poor wife has had to do everything today and even a good few hours in the hot tub has done  nothing to help. I am starting to worry that I have caused an additional issue, pulled a muscle or something worse. It comes with the territory unfortunately though because when pain is all I can think about I imagine the worse. I have been feeling guilty because I had an important meal today meeting the family of the bride to be of my older brother from another mother, I was so out of it and in so much pain I must have come across as so aloof and rude and am now doubting that he has asked the right person to be best man, I mean what if I am like this on their wedding day, they’ve already done so much making sure their venue is wheelchair accessible, a best man asleep or unable to focus on his speech is not something that they will want to have their day remembered for. 😦

Tomorrow is another day, I just hope it is one when I can move……

4 thoughts on “Saturday night viewing………..Carpet Calling

  1. I only hope you feel better soon bro and haven’t pulled a muscle.

    It was great to see you, even though I could tell you were in more pain than normal and I want to help how, and wherever I can.

    You didn’t come over as aloof at all bro and everyone had a good laugh along with you and our sense of humour.

    There’s no one else who could ever be my best man but you, and we may both grab a nap if needs be – only to come back better for it – even more razor witted (and kilted).

    You are, have been, and always will be my bro and there for each no matter what. As a result, all the memories will be positive ones, for sure.

    Much love bro, from us both xxx ooo

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    1. Thankyou bro, just don’t want to spoil anything for you both. You know what I’m like when the pain takes hold I doubt everything and everyone, hopefully will be back on top form soon, please apologise to Lou and and her family bro love you both xx


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