Sod you cinemas…………….it’s finally here

So maybe some would say I cut off my nose to spite my face, but since the online booking system of our national cinemas were so inept that I could not book a space for my wheelchair, a carer and two “normal” seats for a midnight premiere showing and that the film happened to be the biggest of the year and the phone lines were rammed so I didn’t get through any of them and the closest the internet could offer me was screens 9 and 14! So in protest and saving the best part of £50 for 4 people sitting in the posh seats, one of whom was bringing his own effing seat and not one that is the most comfortable one but would nonetheless have allowed me to see the film.

Today however the best present of the year so far arrived and I will enjoy watching it from my own extremely comfortable rise and recline cushioned seat in HD private viewing! Finally I will be able to scan the forums, understand the plot lines and probably cry if anything bad has happened to the characters I have loved for 3 decades! Please just wait until the weekend by which time I will then definitely have watched this!



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