Day 264 – Positives – The Force Awakens Spolier Alert

Spoiler Alert, or is it really a spoiler if the movie has been out 4 months already. So today’s positive is that I finally got to watch what was and is undoubtedly another classic Star Wars film today. I have avoided all reviews and forums since the film came out as I have not been able to see it so I have no idea what the consensus out there is. For me, I know I will watch it at least once more this week possibly twice as I absolutely loved it, even though sitting through it today in the luxury of my own reclining cushioned chair I was in agony and had the pain sweats about 10 minutes from the end of the film it will be worth it time and time again.

I do think I lost man points when the builders doing my bathroom conversion caught tears at one point that I had to rewind and watch as I couldn’t believe it (a facility you do not have in the cinemas I hasten to add), but since he hadn’t seen it and was getting it on the way home I couldn’t comment – I bet from talking to him and the floorer today who are both huge fans and collectors that he will react the same way.

It was just brilliant from start to end I was gripped, I know the excitement for me has been building for months but still it was effing awesome J.J. Abrams I may have said someone who had done a Trekkie film should not go anywhere near the institution that is Star Wars but I take it all back. It will never win a wealth of Oscars or any other awards but Disney with Installment 1 of your work on the religion of the force was worthy of the years of waiting for a follow-on to the demise of Darth Vader. I am still reeling at Han Solo though that scruffy looking nerf herder was if my LG had been a LB been the story behind what would have been his name!

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