Birthday celebrations for who????????

For my readers abroad today is a very important day in the UK where our Queen, Queen Elizabeth II turns 90 years and there has been a lot of focus and discussion on this, however for my family today is far more important for it is nanny and great nanny Grant’s birthday. My Dad’s mum celebrates her birthday today and having only lost her husband and partner of some 60+ years 2 and a half months ago no doubt her thoughts will be elsewhere, but Popsy will be looking out for her I am sure.

My family history is checkered to say the least but it is technically my step dad’s mum however having been with my mum 20 years and during that time encountered more than enough issues and problems, not least of which is caring for me following my car accident, he has really proven the fact that it goes to show anyone can be a father but it takes a special sort of person to be a dad, and I am proud to have him as my dad, and his family as my family.

So having come round for a spot of lunch with us and taking my LG out to choose gifts for great nanny or great nanny Hedgehog or knitting nanny (responsible for the creations below and I most certainly am not invisible anymore when out in my wheelchair or mobility scooter) my mum and dad have called round to see her. So not only does my LG share her birthday with an important member of the Royal Family the head of our Family shares her birthday with who many would argue is the Most important Nanny and Great Nanny in the world – not to us however. Happy Birthday (Great) Nanny Grant xx

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