Day 266 – Positives – So there is a massive list

Today there is a massive list of positives so in no particular order (well the first three are my most important joint number ones, the others just good things)

  1. 100 Days until my 2nd Year of positives is completed
  2. 100 Days until my chosen brother gets married and I get to be best man, whilst my wife and LG are bridesmaids and our son a Groomsman, going to be an awesome day.
  3. (Great) Nanny Grant turned 82 (I think) today
  4. Our bathroom got a sink and working shower today, needs silicone sealant so not operational yet but by Saturday afternoon it will be.
  5. Our LG had lots of fun at her nursery today and was playing happily with another LG when I collected her who is the youngest of a friend who knew me from school and used to work with me at City College, and so the circle of life in Wymondham continues.
  6. The queen turned 90 today
  7. Project Door widening and and hall flooring begins on Monday then internally at least the house will be wheelchair friendly, just need to get Kitchen and Ramp sorted then we will be broke :-/

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