Project Bathroom Week 2

At the end of week one our bathroom really did not resemble a bathroom, it was an extended toilet room with dust and half finished walls everywhere, lights nots resembling anything other than holes in the ceiling and an old tiled floor with marks and cracks everywhere. There was no way it looked anything like an expensive wheelchair friendly conversion with room to dress and dry myself. The reality was however that a lot of work had been done in the loft that I cannot and will not ever see, the electrics had been sorted for the new lights and shower and pipes had been sunk into the walls. The early part of week 2 saw us still using our old toilet and the lights being fitted and the quick drying latex mix being used to make the floor level, well sloping to the shower tray (that was positioned but not fixed in to place) but smooth and level, well I know what I mean! The piping was boxed in and the walls and ceiling plastered and skimmed in preparation for the floor to ceiling tiles, and we had to start the decorating of doors and ceilings.

The latex flooring had to be built up layer by layer, day by day at the end of the day being left to dry, resulting in our kind neighbours letting our LG pop round for toilet stops and my wife continued her daily trips to my parents for her showers. These were very painful and increasingly infrequent for me because of the pain and difficulty of others having to help me up a flight of house stairs and down again. The end of which the pain sweats had kicked in and the shower was almost pointless in itself. The tiling started and at last small steps with good imagination it was possible to see what the work was all for and the room was taking shape, along with the old doorway started to be skimmed and was quickly becoming a thing of the past..

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