It has been 3 weeks of showers at my mum’s house (very infrequent for me) and living with just a toilet for most of that time but it is totally worth it having seen the finished article. I sat on the throne doing a pee this morning looking round so proud at what has been accomplished (probably because I knew there was another week of work about to start widening the bedroom doors….but that’s another blog.

So as week 3 started the room looked like this after the first couple of days, tiles with the spacers


DSC_0165 (2)

Gradually completing much of the room. Week 2 was slow progress, but once things started to go back together they came together quickly and the grouting of the tiles was the first step towards a proper bathroom

Having the shower tray fitted and latex flooring built up layer by layer, and excitedly our new funky square toilet (just need a square bum now) and slowly but surely the room took shape.

With the flooring laid the radiator in, the shower and shower screen, the window tiled and finished off the ending really was in sight. All it needed for me was the sink and then boom our bathroom

Little did I know that this wasn’t the end, my wife needed to shop for the finishing touches and Sean spent the last couple of days washing the tiles with grout putting in silicone sealant and all sorts of bits to completely finish of the room. So in 3 weeks the transformation of the bath room and the hallway was complete………………………………………I have never been so happy the space for my wife to help shower, dress and dry me and have my wheelchair with me is immense.

5 thoughts on “Our Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom – 3 weeks

    1. You have no idea showering is enjoyable again, my wife wanted it to look like a lovely family bathroom as well as being a functional disabled friendly room and I think this has been pulled off quite well 🙂

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  1. I am so pleased for you mate. Something that people take for granted is the abaility to jump in the shower and get clean. I can understand how much this will change things for you. You have all the space you need now to enjoy your morning shower in a much more relaxed spoon saving way.

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