The Disabled are just Neanderthals who don’t belong in the 21st Century….

The last two paragraphs for me really hit home, the how draining it can be, how we don’t want a fight over every little detail of our lives and how poor life can be. I am lucky I have a supportive family and famiends who are fighting with me to make the world a better place one piece at a time.


It feels like I’ve been reincarnated into someone else and become a stranger to myself. I died inside when the fiery ice smothered me and now all that’s left is the outer shell of a rotting corpse. I know not who or what I am, what my purpose is in such pain-riddled circumstance or what the point of such an existence is. I resent that to so many I’ve become an inconvenience who is so reliant on other people – 3 times in recent weeks the carer hasn’t turned up – I ring and I message and I chase it up to then be fed excuses – bare-faced liars trying to pass their incompetence on to me. I might be a cripple but that doesn’t make me stupid…!

What is it with discrimination towards the disabled anyway…? Earlier this year at my local hospital they refused to get me a…

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