Day 272 – Positives

Today has been one of those impromptu perfect family days, it started with games of Don’t Take Busters Bones, followed up with lunch a family trip out to pick up some cheap and cheerful clothes for our respite holiday later in the year. We came home via toys r us and used the trip to pick up some more fun games that we can play on a board across “daddy’s special chair”.

We returned home to a soak and a play in the hot tub with the Paw Patrol toys and we sang a beautiful rendition of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to my wife – yes it’s May nearly and still we’re singing it! I wasn’t so keen with being hit with hail as I made my way in from the hot tub though.

This was followed up by a lovely dinner and then games of Barbecue Party and Pop Up Pirate. It’s official it is no longer in this house “what is this game called – I win” as I didn’t at all. Truth is they’re picking games that need dexterity so I think they are cheating slightly but nevermind!


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