My calendar says I’m recovering that day

Recovery Days a vital part of pacing, a guilty feeling of skiving family tasks and household chores, my body needs them, my brain needs them and if I do not take them my body crashes, it spasms, it sends me to cloud cuckoo land, I fall over and I get no choice but to rest :-/

Chronic Rants

I used to call them do-nothing days. Or resting days. Or dead days. Lately I’ve been calling them Recovery Days. Because that’s what they are. I’m not doing nothing, I’m recovering!Recovery Day

Our culture says that a day of watching tv when you should be buying groceries and cleaning and going to a job and and and…. is lazy. I say that if you have a chronic illness, sometimes it’s necessary.

I had a recovery day yesterday. I could have pushed myself. I had a long list of things to do. If I’d pushed myself I might have been able to get a couple of things done. But I wouldn’t have gotten far on that list, and I would have done things badly. Then I’d have felt lousy today and I’d have barely gotten anything done at all. Sound familiar?

I used to push myself. At the time it seemed like…

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