Day 273 – Positives

Two big positives in relation to Wymondham Access Group, forever to be known in my blog as from today as WAG, firstly I got confirmation that the Go For It grant I applied for on behalf of the group to help us with our initial set up, the costs involved with getting a group off the ground and to help us become established. I am so proud to have got over this first hurdle and it takes the pressure of a bit to allow us to focus our time and energy into the creation of a successful group working with the people of Wymondham for the people of Wymondham. Secondly our LOGO was designed by a friend and lady of many talents Suzanne Nuri who is instrumental in so many causes in Wymondham, it encompasses our most famous and iconic structure the Market Cross and the principle aim of the group which is making Wymondham accessible to all, or for a more catchy tagline unlocking Wymondham

WAG logo

On a more personal level a proud daddy moment today when my LG was commended by a member of the public for being so polite and well behaved.

6 thoughts on “Day 273 – Positives

    1. Thanks Jeremy, got our constitution now so next step is a bank account and insurance. So pleased with all the help and support from the people of Wymondham.


        1. Thankyou Dwordslayer, I never consider myself as inspirational just an ordinary man passionate about improving the lives of others. I guess if I inspire others with my journey to not give up or try new/different things that’s another added bonus 😀

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