Day 274 – Positives

Today really has been one of those typical spring days get that you can only get in the UK looking out of my back window I saw grey dark skies and snow, out the front door there was sun and out of my LG’s window it was pouring with rain, what a wonderful world 🌍 we live in! This is beautiful in itself and is something that we can take for granted all too easily. I love spring for its unpredictability and because it means summer is coming with warmer weather so a less freezing feeling in my back and with it comes bank holidays and more family time.

Today’s long weekend kicked off with homemade(ish) cheeseburgers, waffles and baked beans.

Project door widening week 1 came to an end and photos will follow shortly

I am perhaps most proud of my mum’s comments being on the front page of the local newspaper regarding the park debacle and they, along with my LG doing investigative work today. She was very proud as she told me all about doing her bit to help daddy take her out too play. That’s my girl, she’s going to learn important morals like I did when I was growing up and that was to be strong, loving, independent, to never give up, to fight for what you believe in and to carry on fighting for what is right regardless of how strong your opponents!

2 thoughts on “Day 274 – Positives

    1. Our summer if we’re lucky lasts 3-4 weeks. Twenty five degrees or 77 would be considered a very warm day and see everyone flocking to the beach but then anything with 2 at the start which is about 68 is considered hot over here and gets people sunbathing . It’s why I spend so many hours in my hot-tub at a cool 38 or 100 degrees. Give me warmth any day of the week


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