Day 275 – Positives

Today has seen two brilliant things, firstly I have just noticed I’ve gone through 14,000 hits on here not bad for a small town boy who started a year ago to help vent and come to terms with his own limitations and disability.

Even better than this, this evening whilst playing games (pop up pirate and barbecue party are our favourites) these evening we were teaching our LG the L for loser sign (in jest only) and she started properly giggling when my wife started taking the mick out of me for using my Left Hand meaning my L was the wrong way round, now being a leftie and having a bad right side of my body my right arm doesn’t work like I want it to. I tried to quickly stick my fingers up at my wife whilst our LG took her go and all I managed to do was punch my own nose and make my eyes water. Cue 10 minutes of extreme fits of giggling and laughing. It hurt but in a good way 😀

2 thoughts on “Day 275 – Positives

  1. Would you have laughed so much a year ago? I think not. Congratulations on 14,000 hits – you have certainly made a mark, and given us all something to think about in so many ways.

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