Why Toys with ‘Special Needs’ are Desperately Needed

I have to say I am in full support of there being more disabled toys available for play. My LG is well rounded and inspired by disabled people and I firmly believe this is as a result of growing up with a disabled parent. Far from being embarrassed by people in wheelchairs my LG talks to them, compares their chairs to my own (even when I am using my crutches) and decides who looks better. She is confident around people and I wish that more disabled actors played disabled roles, that “everyday ordinary disabled people” were portrayed on TV and in the media. Much as I would love to be a super human paralympian/invictus games/marathon wheeling/Stephen Hawkins, but in reality I am just an ordinary normal person who happens to have a disability. I make the most of the life I have and I try to support others. Like I guess 90% of the worlds population. However you do not see a normal disabled person portrayed regularly, those in the news or on television for the most part all have special skills, super powers, amazing brains or are athletes, not like the everyday normal barman you see in the soaps, car salesman, shop keeper, or any other number of things we see everyday before our eyes. So to have toys that children can play with and see that we are just like the rest of their figures and that we do ordinary things like able bodied figures can only be a positive outcome

A lot of attention has recently been paid to the idea of body image in today’s young people and the goal of raising children who feel comfortable with their appearance. Barbie toys, manufactured by Mattel, have consistently come under fire for the message these dolls could be sending to children about beauty and social expectations. Similarly, the creation of dolls from diverse ethnicities and body types has made a lot of headway in terms of having toys that more accurately represent young girls and women in society, with little to no negative repercussions.

Source: Why Toys with ‘Special Needs’ are Desperately Needed

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