Day 280 – Positives

Today summer is here and the weather is sweet (well spring but the weather was good enough for it to be summer) and the warmer weather really does bring an improvement in pain levels, not massive but not insignificant. The busy gardens, insects and bugs (which my LG loves, yesterday she was holding newts from granddads pond) and flowers are so beautiful so time to charge the camera and to start to enjoy the weather and light and shadow it creates.

As if a reminder was needed volume 3 of the Seach Family Yearbook arrived for 2015 today it covered September-December and if I may say so myself it looks good and completes the set, all our photos since we have been a family up until the beginning of this year in photobooks. A beautiful thing.

I also thought I’d share with you some of the beautiful colours from Granddads garden a little first for me seeing baby birds in a nestbox that our 70 something year old has wired up to a box on the roof and streams to his TV (not even sure I can stream the feed let alone climb steps but nonetheless an inspiration and reminder of what you can do at any age almost.

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